Office Furniture (and other nice things) for sale

So we’re finally moving to Sweden at the end of the month. You might remember that we sold a lot of our stuff last summer when we left Brighton. We kept a lot of good stuff, thinking we’d relocate it with us.
But now we’re moving to a small apartment i…

So we’re finally moving to Sweden at the end of the month. You might remember that we sold a lot of our stuff last summer when we left Brighton. We kept a lot of good stuff, thinking we’d relocate it with us.

But now we’re moving to a small apartment in Malmö, and a beautiful furnished office in Media Evolution City, so we are only taking the essentials. (Yes, that includes Oskar.)

What’s left is the things that we really would’ve kept, but can’t. Fancy any of it? Please let Aral or me know, via Twitter or email.

2x Biurko adjustable desks

### £500 each

Only used for ~4 months, these Biurko adjustable desks are nearly-new, with spotless oak tops. They go for £650 new (excluding VAT and shipping from Poland) we’re selling them for £500 each.

  • 120 cm width
  • 80 cm depth
  • 73 – 120 cm height range (sit-stand)
Biurko desk at full height.

Biurko desk. It’s bigger than it looks. This is at full height. Legs come out wider when desk is lowered.

They’re already packaged with special wrapping to protect the tops from damage in transit. They weigh a lot, and are very big, so you will need a large van and more than one person!

1x 2x Apple 27" Thunderbolt Displays

### £500 for newer display, £400 for older

Big Apple Thunderbolt displays in mint condition and their original packaging. Requires a Thunderbolt port to connect to a Mac.

A messy desk with Apple Display, iPad, MacBook Pro, and dog

Apple Display as seen on a messy desk. Ridiculous dog not included.

The older display has a defect since purchase that it cannot act as a power supply for the Mac (the power lead doesn’t work) but it’s otherwise in perfect working order. This defect won’t affect you if you already have a charging power supply for your Mac.

Depending on how old your Mac is, you may need one of the tiny magnetic adapters to fit the power supply to your Mac. I think we might have a couple that we’ll throw in if you need one. Again, the display can be used without powering the Mac, it’s just a nice bonus feature to reduce the number of things you plug into the wall.

1x Herman Miller Aeron chair

### £350

The iconic office chair. Dark grey, size B (medium sized) with lumbar support. Bought refurbished 18 months ago. Costs ~£900 new.

Aeron chair

Aeron chair

1x Nobo Double-sided 1200 x 900mm mobile whiteboard

### £200

Bought less than a year ago. Great whiteboard for wheeling around the office, and double the planning space as you can flip the board over. It has brakes. RRP £500, on Amazon for £330. We’ll throw in a load of whiteboard pens and an eraser to get you started.

Nobo whiteboard

It’s large and heavy (great for writing on, harder to lift.) It’s currently in two pieces: board and stand. It can be dismantled into smaller parts, but the board itself is 1200x900mm, and the wheelbase is probably no shorter than 1250mm in one piece, so you’ll need a vehicle that fits it all in.

Vintage Shadow 861 Semi Acoustic Guitar (VEC1500N)


Great condition, stays in tune. With soft case and guitar stand included. Goes for ~£300 online.

living room showing guitar and prominent dog

The guitar is on the left side. Only photo I could find with it in! Dog not included.

Long board (Loaded Tan Tien complete)


£250 new. Longer than a skateboard, and looks cool too. I have no idea about long boards. You can ask Aral if you want to know how it rides…

And also…

Some smaller items. Let me know if you want any more information:
  • Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner £100 ONO (~£300 new) Used condition, but still works really well. The best vacuum cleaner for dog hair as Oskar can testify.
  • USB 2200 AA Microphone £50 ONO (~£175 new) Nearly new.
  • Fitbit Aria Scales £50 ONO (£99 new) Nearly new. Requires AA batteries to work, and WiFi to send the data to “the cloud.” Doesn’t need to be used with a Fitbit.
  • **Skateboard £50 ONO **(~£100 new) Good condition. But I don’t know what type it is…
  • Blue Yeti USB Microphone £50 ONO (£99 new) Nearly new, podcasting favourite. Has different directional modes which is useful if you want to record two people talking to each other.
  • **Wooden tree bark bookcase £50 ONO **(~£100+ new) Great condition. 3 sturdy shelves, fits big books.
  • **Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock £50 ONO **(£100 new) Great condition. Perfect for people who struggle with dark mornings. Coloured sunrise simulation, five sounds and radio function.

When? And how?

Everything will need to be collected from Big Yellow Storage Brighton (from our storage locker) on **Saturday 13th February** between **12 noon –; 5pm**. If you definitely want the desks, or a combination of the larger items, we might be able to arrange pick up a few days before or after (But we really don’t have much time, we’re moving in under 3 weeks!)

We can’t post anything, it’s really expensive. But if you want to arrange a courier to collect on the 13th, we can handle that.

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