35 Twitch Panel Templates (Using a Twitch Panel Maker)

Want to create cool Twitch channel panels for your Twitch account?
One of the stunning Twitch panel templates available at PlaceitIf so, you need to check out the Twitch panel maker from Placeit. It offers terrific Twitch panel ideas and templates tha…

Want to create cool Twitch channel panels for your Twitch account?

35 Twitch Panel Templates using a Twitch Panel Maker
One of the stunning Twitch panel templates available at Placeit

If so, you need to check out the Twitch panel maker from Placeit. It offers terrific Twitch panel ideas and templates that will help you create your very own gorgeous custom Twitch panels quickly and easily. 

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How to Make Twitch Panels Quickly and Easily

If you want to learn how to make Twitch panels, this short tutorial will teach you how to do so quickly and easily with a Twitch panel creator.

1. Navigate to the Twitch panel maker at Placeit.

How to Make Twitch Panels Quickly and Easily

2. Review the Twitch panel templates on offer and select the one you like the most.

For our example, I'll teach you how to make a donation panel on Twitch.

How to Make Twitch Panels Quickly and Easily

3. To create Twitch panels, use the Twitch panel creator to customise the template provided.

  • Starting with the controls on the left, you can add your own text and change the font style and colour.
How to Make Twitch Panels Quickly and Easily

4. Move to the controls on the right

  • You can now change your background colour and the colour of the line dividing the image. 
How to Make Twitch Panels Quickly and Easily
  • Next, you can change the icon used in the panel by uploading your own or using one of those provided by the template. You can also change the colour of the icon here. 
How to Make Twitch Panels Quickly and Easily

5. When you're done, hit the Download button

How to Make Twitch Panels Quickly and Easily

Once you’re satisfied with your design, hit the download button at the top of the screen and download your custom Twitch panel for a small fee. 

If you regularly need to create banners, logos, flyers, posters, social media banners, etc., then the monthly plan may be the best deal for you. 

That’s how to make Twitch panels in five simple steps. Now let's take a look at the wonderful Twitch Panel Templates available at Placeit.

About Me Twitch Panel Templates

An About Me Twitch panel is a must for any Twitch channel. The Twitch panel creator has several About Me panels you can customise to suit your taste.

1. Twitch Panel Template for Cool Gamers

About Me Twitch Panel Templates

This Twitch panel template blends nostalgia with a futuristic, minimal design. Choose an icon to represent you or upload your own. Then personalise the text, add borders, and change your colours, and your 'About Me' Twitch panel is ready to download.

2. Twitch Panel Template for a Twitch About Me Panel

About Me Twitch Panel Maker Online

Amp up your Twitch channel with this cool About Me Twitch panel with funky colours and a classic game controller graphic. Of course, you can change every aspect of the design when you customise the template, so have some fun with it. 

3. Simple Twitch Panel Design Template With Toxic Mask Graphic

Twitch Panel Design Maker Online

This Twitch About Me panel is for those who like a bit of fun. It features bold text on one side and a gas mask icon on the other. Choose your preferred colours, change the text and/or font. You can upload your own icon, keep the one shown here, or choose another from those on offer. 

4. Twitch Panel Maker With Robot Graphic

Twitch Panel Maker With Robot Graphic

This Twitch About Me panel is fun and geeky. The beautiful gradient effect can be applied to any colour combo, and there are a plethora of gorgeous icons to choose from.

5. Twitch Panel Maker for an About Me Panel

About Me Twitch Panel Templates

Another variation on the panels above, this one offers a zig-zag dividing line that separates the two-colour panel. Use as is or modify the elements you don't like using the Twitch panel creator.

6. Minimal About Me Twitch Panel Template

Minimal Twitch Panel Template Online Download

This awesome Twitch About Me panel is a nice and minimal choice. You can change the gradient background as well as add text and graphics. 

7. Simple Twitch Panel Template for an About Me Button

About Me Twitch Panel Templates

This About Me Twitch panel template offers a number of options to jazz up your panel. Apart from being able to change the icon, the text and font, and the colours, you can also change the shape of the banner inside the rectangle in various ways to create a panel with a unique look and feel.

Follow Twitch Panel Templates

If you're an active creator, Twitch is just one of the many platforms you use. Encourage your subscribers to check out your other presences with these Twitch panel templates.

8. Twitch Panel Template for a Social Media Follow Button

Social Media Twitch Panel Maker

This panel alerts Twitter users that you too have a Twitter account and encourages them to connect with you there. You can change the icon and text just like I did to fit the account you want to promote.

9. Colourful Follow Twitch Panel Maker with Minimalist Design

Colourful Follow Twitch Panel Maker Online

Create Twitch panels that catch the eye and encourage people to click that follow panel with this template. This colourful Twitch panel design is all ready to go, but it's fully customisable.

10. Twitch Panel Template with Heart Icons

Twitch Panel Template Design With Heart Icons

This is a great template you can customise to encourage visitors to follow your social media accounts. Just set up your colour gradient and text for each one, and then upload a different social media icon to the left. If you want to differentiate each panel a bit, you can vary the geometric overlays provided for each one. 

Twitch Donation Panel Template

When you need to create images to encourage donations to your channel, you can find tons of Twitch panel ideas on Placeit. They're easy to customise, and your subscribers will like interacting with them.

11. Donations Twitch Panel Maker

Twitch Donation Panel Template

This Twitch donation panel is a great example of a template you can use as is or customise by using your own logo or one of the icons provided. Then add your text and colour scheme, and your Twitch donation panel is ready to add to your channel. 

12. Twitch Panel Creator for a Donation Link

Twitch Panel Creator Online Download for Donations

This Twitch donation panel can direct viewers to your Patreon account. It's a good idea not just to ask for donations but to indicate where you're sending viewers when they click on your donation button. 

13. Pride-Themed Twitch Panel Maker for a Donate Button

Pride-Themed Twitch Panel Maker for a Donate Button

Using "please" when you're asking for anything is always a good idea. So when you're customising your Twitch donation panels, it's a good idea to remember to chuck a please (or thank you) in there when you can.

14. Twitch Panel Creator

Twitch Donation Panel Template

Of course, the other magic word is "thank you", another great option to add to your text when asking for something. So maybe when you're customising this particular Twitch donation panel, all you need to do is change the colours and perhaps the font used if you like, and leave everything else as is. Just a thought!

15. Simple Twitch Panel Template for a Donations Panel

Twitch Donation Panel Template

What better way to encourage donations on your Twitch donation panel than with a money icon? Maybe you can also use the colour green, which is the colour of life and growth.

16. Simple Twitch Panel Maker for Donations

Simple Twitch Panel Maker for Donations

If you prefer a low-key style, we have the perfect Twitch panel for you. By default, it's geared towards donations. But you can use it repeatedly on your channel for different purposes by customising the colours, text, and icons used. 

Discord Twitch Panel Templates

Need to create Twitch panels to invite visitors to chat with you via Discord? Well, Placeit has you covered with a collection of awesome Discord Twitch panels. And, of course, these panels are as easy to customise as all the other panels featured here. 

17. Twitch Panel Design Maker With Discord

Twitch Panel Design Maker Discord

This Twitch panel design is very stylish and modern. It features the Discord logo in front of an abstract wavy design and gradient. You can add more lines of text, change the font, and more.

18. Customisable Twitch Panel Maker

Discord Twitch Panel Templates

As a Twitch user, you know that Discord has its own nifty little icon, so I wouldn't recommend replacing it if you want to catch the eye of visitors to your channel, but you can use the other settings in the panel maker to change the frame, text and colours of your panel. 

19. Simple Twitch Panel Template with Solid Background

Simple Twitch Panel Template with Solid Background

And, of course, you can customise this familiar template for your Discord Twitch panel as well. The Twitch panel maker colour palette is so extensive that the sky's the limit when it comes to creating unique colours to make your panel your own unique creation. 

20. Twitch Panel Creator for a Simple Chat Button

Discord Twitch Panel Templates

This very clean and simple design is a great idea for your Discord Twitch panel. It uses a simple circle around the Discord icon to help it stand out and uses a bold, clean sans serif font for the text. 

21. Modern Twitch Panel Template for Contact

Modern Twitch Panel Template for Contact

Another Discord Twitch panel with a simple design. You can use as is, but remember everything here is customisable, so feel free to change things up to suit your taste.

Twitch Subscribe Panel Templates

Encouraging new subscriptions is made easier with a good-looking Twitch panel. You can find an option you like from the list below. Keep them as is, or customise them to fit your needs. 

22. Subscribe Twitch Panel Template with Badge

Subscribe Twitch Panel Template with Badge

Every Twitch account needs a subscribe panel to encourage visitors to support the channel, so of course we have to include a set of Twitch subscribe panels here. Use as is, add your own icon, or select one from the wide selection on offer. 

23. Subscribe Twitch Panel Maker

Subscribe Twitch Panel Maker Online Download

One of the cool features of this Twitch subscribe panel is the awesome background texture effects. There are so many fun choices here that you're going to have a hard time settling on just one. 

24. Subscription Thank You Twitch Channel Panel Template

Subscription Thank You Twitch Channel Panel Template

Show some love to your subscribers with this follow Twitch panel. The design is so cool you might gain even more followers. It offers a dizzying array of customisation features. Try them all out to see which combinations you like the most. 

25. Twitch Panel Creator for a Subscription Button

Twitch Subscribe Panel Templates

Your visitors will find it hard to resist following your channel with this altogether fabulous Twitch subscription panel. Of course, you can customise it in any way you like using the brilliant panel creator, but really why bother when it already is just perfect. 

26. Colourful Twitch Panel Design Template

Colourful Twitch Panel Design Template

I had to add this upbeat, vibrant Twitch panel template. You can use the Placeit online design creator to make this layout your own through customisation. 

Twitch Schedule Panel Templates

The best way to grow subscriber engagement on your channel is having a schedule. With the following Twitch panel options from Placeit, sharing that schedule is easier than ever!

27. Streaming Schedule Twitch Panel Creator

Twitch Schedule Panel Templates

If you're looking for a Twitch schedule panel to let your visitors know when you're going to be streaming, then this custom Twitch panel is the one for you. Featuring a calendar on one end and title on the other, it's simple and to the point, yet stylish and eye-catching. 

28. Twitch Panel Maker with Calendar Graphic

Twitch Panel Maker with Calendar Graphic

This calendar Twitch panel maker is ready for you to make it your own. All you need to do is change the icon, text and colours and you can easily change this into a Twitch schedule panel. Easy peasy. 

Twitch Contact Panel Templates

Every channel needs a Twitch contact panel. If you're wondering how to make Twitch panels so visitors can contact you, we've got the perfect solution for you: use a Twitch contact panel template. Here are some great choices for you from Placeit.

29. Twitch Panel Template for a Contact Button

Twitch Contact Panel Templates

This Twitch panel is a simple way for supporters to get your contact information. As is the case with the other templates featured here, customisation is easy.

30. Contact Twitch Panel Template

Twitch Contact Panel Templates

Here's another example of a Twitch contact panel available at Placeit. This one features the very familiar envelope and beautiful bold text next to it. The texture background and red accent frame are a nice touch. Of course, you may want to keep some of these design ideas and change others, and the beauty of using the Twitch panel creator is that you can do so quickly and easily. 

Twitch Info Panels Templates

Let's face it, there are tons of different panels each individual Twitch user could make for their channel. We've tried to cover the most popular, but we cannot cover all of them. For the myriad other categories, we've bundled a few under the heading Twitch info panels. 

31. Twitch Panel Creator for Chat Rules

Twitch Panel Creator for Chat Rules

Let's start with this one. Simple yet eye-catching, this could probably be included under "About", but we thought that it's distinct enough to warrant its own category. It's an informative panel for newcomers so that everyone can enjoy the chat.

32. Twitch Panel Creator for a Chat Rules Panel

Twitch Info Panels Templates

Rules: we all need them, and so do you. Use this Twitch info panel to indicate to your visitors what they should know first before diving into your channel. 

33. Twitch Panel Design Template With Old School Gamer Font

Twitch Panel Design Template With Old School Gamer Font

This cool Twitch info panel is just a great thing to have on your site because it gives subscribers a peek behind the scenes. Customise as needed with your own font style, colours, and icon. 

34. Twitch Panel Creator for Rules With Sword and Shield Graphics

Twitch Panel Creator for Rules With Sword and Shield Graphics

Use this Twitch info panel to alert your supporters to your channel rules. You can keep the sword and shield graphics, or customise for whatever purpose you need. 

35. FAQ Twitch Panel Template

Twitch Info Panels Templates

Anyone who has any type of popular site on the internet is frequently asked the same questions over and over again. So it goes without saying that a Twitch info panel that's dedicated to frequently asked questions is a life saver. Use as is or customise it to your needs. 

Discover More Twitch Templates and Resources

If you're interested in learning more about creating Twitch resources or want to find some more premium Twitch channel templates, check out the following articles:

Choose Your Favourite Twitch Channel Panel Today

You can create Twitch channel panels quickly and easily with minimal cost when you use the Twitch panel creator.

These 35 Twitch panel ideas and template examples are just a few of the custom Twitch panels you can create with the Twitch panel maker at Placeit. I hope they've given you tons of inspiration, and you now feel confident that you know how to make a custom Twitch panel for your channel. Use your favourite template to make your own panel and share it with us here. We’d love to see what you come up with.

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